Monday, December 20, 2004

Cover-Up using Mass Hypnosis Campaign:Vote Zealots UnderMine Confidence

From Portland Indymedia:

Lead editorial from Cleveland Plain Dealer NewsElites progamming
efforts to 'tenderize' the populace with insidious perception
management & reality control campaign. The 4-man team piously SPEWS
deceptive, ignorant, crude reasoning in a blatant, though, pathetic
attempt to marginalize and ridicule the inteGRITy of Americans
valiantly Defending the Vote & Free, Fair and Honest Elections.
What do you expect from the Oligarch's wayward misinformation
ministers? but to, in blind denial, Project blame for a crisis of
confidence, legitimacy onto the very Democracy Watchers- who are
working hard to clean, straighten out, Reclaim and Renew Civic
respect for this Country's Ideals. WE Refuse to REWARD criminal
conduct with regards to Our Civil Rights & the Right to Civil
Elections- the absolute Bedrock of Constitutional Governance...(cont)..


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