Sunday, December 19, 2004

Diebold to Pay $2.6M Due to Insecure Voting Machines

Nothing to see here, just a company that counts our votes, paying a fine for insecure voting machines(whose president declared, "I will deliver ohio", gave about $100K to the Bush campaign-in which he is part of an "elite" group of campaign supporters-maybe a reader can remind us of the name of that club?). It's time for a re-vote. This time, we should all turn our backs on the two "ruling" parties. Maybe that's what they're worried about?

"In a short period, Diebold has been at the center of several problems. Now it seeks to settle the lawsuit filed against it by the State of California by paying $2.6 million. Settlement comes because of flaws in the Diebold systems that could compromise election results."


Just in case your not absolutely sure about the conflict of interest, comparing Katherine Harris to Kenneth Blackwell(both on the election campaigns for B/C) and both secretary of states. Which btw, Harris is now a congresswoman, what's in store for Blackwell? In any case, let's move beyond those "slap you in the face" conflicts and move over to the judge who threw out the case filed by voters.

Ohio Chief Supreme Court judge throws out election challenge case in which he is named

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Thomas J. Moyer, who ran on the Bush-Cheney ticket, declined to recuse himself from a case in which he is also one of the named parties, RAW STORY has discovered.


You can find an excellent collection of VoterGate related articles at the new link put up here.

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