Saturday, December 25, 2004

Every vote DID NOT count...see for yourself

These are the votes that the Ohio Recount — under Ohio law — was not allowed to consider, because they were never counted. These are the "spoiled" ballots, the rejected provisional ballots, the people who were not allowed to cast a vote.
Thousands of Ohio voters, including elderly and disabled, and parents with children, were forced to wait in line for hours in the rain and the cold. As the video shows, many of these men and women, after standing in the rain for hours waiting to vote, were turned away, given provisional ballots, or had to leave and could not vote at all.

These are the people whose children stand on the front lines in Iraq. Who will speak for these people? Who will defend and protect them on our own shores?

Please contact your representative and senator (especially Republicans) and demand a full Congressional Investigation of the massive disenfranchisement of minority voters in Ohio and elsewhere.

It is time to end this shameful chapter in American history once and for all.

Still Separate and Unequal in America
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