Sunday, December 19, 2004

Hollywood in Ohio?

Read through this eyewitness account. It's amazing how much stonewalling is coming from both sides. Take into the account the smear campaigns that are being pushed forward, you wonder who starts these as they are all variations on a theme. It should be no surprise that when the truth starts to peak it's head out...anyone with something to lose, will start the finger pointing.

Eyes closed tight.

From Kathleen:

Just wanted to report to you all about my day at the Cuyahoga County Recount. Since I told the Cuyahoga Coordinator of Elections, Jackie Maiden, I would like to film the recount, I was told I would be relegated to the "media" section of the room. However, since I didn't have "official" media credentials, I was not allowed to walk around the room, while the recount was taking place. No problem, because the people who were there to observe the recount came to me and asked me who I was representing. After I told them I was there on behalf of Black Box Voting, they were more than willing to share their recount experiences with me. It was gratifying to see that they were very appreciative and somewhat relieved to hear that BBV was covering the event AND getting it on film. They wanted to know that someone would make sure what happened here today would reach beyond Cuyahoga County, since the main stream media wasn't covering it.

The only people representing a "media coverage" of the event (except for a couple of "drive by interviews" by the local media) was me and an independent film maker, who had been traveling around Ohio for the last month filming a documentary on the 2004 election in Ohio entitled: "Bleeding Ohio". Quite appropriate, considering the many reports of machine anomolies, voter suppression, and indescriminate voter purges throughout Ohio, not to mention a very partisan Secretary of State. He and I both were alarmed and noted the lack of the "real" media's attendance at the recount. We thought it would be fun to videotape our "media section" showing all the empty chairs and the non-existent media. I can assure you that the citizen observers noticed their absence too.

What I witnessed today was an event that looked "staged" and was totally controlled by the election officials. When the observers questioned their methods, they responded "this is the way we always do it" and would not accept any questioning of the procedures by the observers.
Every observer who spoke with me expressed concern that this recount was anything but random, due to their pre-selection of precincts, which they felt could have given the election officials time to perhaps prepare for the recount in such a way to avoid any controversial mishaps. The observers felt this compromised the integrity of the recount and did not think it was meaningful nor reflected a true test of the accuracy of the votes cast and counted. On the other hand, to be fair, I also asked the election officials how they thought the recount was going and everyone of them responded that "it was going smooth and all the numbers were adding up, both in the hand count and the machine count." They were happy! It was clear the voters were not.

I will be sending a copy of this tape to Bev for her review and analysis of the procedures used for this recount. I'm certain Bev will have some interesting observations about the Cuyahoga County Recount.


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