Saturday, December 18, 2004

If Ukrainians Can Demonstrate in the Streets Over a Stolen Election, So Can We


I've been feeling a bit of a disappointed malaise and dejection the last few days as the realization that the theft of the election is going pretty much unprotested has sunken in, that the 55 million Americans who voted for Kerry don’t have whatever it is that the Ukrainians do have to go out on he streets and demonstrate. (Of course it could also be all that tryptophan from left over turkey meals.--No. It’s the election, not the tryptophan.) I’m pretty disgusted with how things stand right now and I’m not ready to go silently into the night—the dark time that a Bush second term promises.

I have, on my progressive website, along with a handful of other publishers of progressive websites, published articles and coverage of the murdering of democracy that has occurred in the form of vote corruption and fraud in Ohio, Florida, Oklahoma, Nevada, South Carolina and who knows how many other states.


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