Sunday, December 19, 2004


We'd like to welcome newcomers here. Please understand that we have no loyalty to political parties. This site was developed, hopefully, as a repository of information and links to help skeptics and researchers(and also find the truth, no matter what that reveals). We choose to not put our heads in the sand. We all understand, those that can look at this objectively, that we may be facing a democratic crisis. One that will leave it's effects on society and the world for years to come. We better get it right, for our futures and the future of our children. There were major conflicts of interest in this presidential election and the last. Typically, political pundits make this the tired old "conservative/liberal" debate. I know Republicans that are liberal, and democrats that are conservative, it's just a head game. Again, one that George Washington warned us about. It is meant to keep us one step further from the truth. American taxpayers are the ones left holding the bag.

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