Saturday, December 25, 2004

What can I do? Join the Media Blitz

We've been getting allot of emails, most of the questions are "what can I do?".

Are you sick of trying to find breadcrumbs on one of the most important issues to face Americans since it's inception. We were too, so we started this blog, attended rallies, documented speakers via video, and we will be in D.C. Jan. 6th, but here's what you can do, give the gift that keeps on giving, join the media blitz!

It feels much better then being an angry "republican" or disgruntled "democrat"(or whatever the flavor of the month is).

For an introduction on the censorship of US corporate media, please see:

"The Myth of a Divided America"

Once you are convinced that the US corporate media DOES NOT have your best interest in mind and only cares about the bottom line(no matter who it hurts and/or kills), here are some steps you can take, while we still have the power to do so.

Be the Media!

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