Sunday, December 19, 2004

What Counts in Ohio Recount

The Christian Science Monitor takes a couple of timid steps and reports 1/2 truths.

Tellingly, the recount challenge doesn't come from the Democratic Party, but from the Green and Libertarian parties, which don't stand a chance of winning Ohio even if Bush actually lost the state.

Recounting un-random precints, selected ballots behind closed doors, people running around Ohio stonewalling, blocking, and harassing election workers. Nothing to see here.

Sworn affidavits, court motions, thousands of complaints, lawsuits, exit poll anomalies(just like Ukraine), etc. Did we miss something? What's more important? Who wins, or the vote? Let's get real.

What about this press release.

That doesn't mean individual Democrats aren't crying foul. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, for instance, has implied that some of Ohio's new electronic voting machines were set to record votes for Bush by the company that manufactured them because the firm's president supported Bush.

Now we know that the company does a little more then "supporting" president Bush, considering they just got busted with a fine of $2.6 Million.

That charge may be a bit extreme, but it's worth watching the more credible challenges and recount as a useful exercise to help all states further improve their election machinery. Reconfirming Bush's victory will also help many disaffected Democrats move beyond faulting their loss on the voting system, and allow the party to get on with repairing itself.

Let's start with telling people ALL the facts.

For widespread vote fraud to have occurred in Ohio, the major parties would have had to conspire together. Each of the state's counties has a bipartisan election board made up of two Republicans and two Democrats with authority over polling places and machines used. That's a pretty strong rebuke to those who allege voter fraud on a scale that would've given the state to Sen. John Kerry.

Maybe it wouldn't be so hard after all. 2 foxes guarding the hen-house are better then one.

That's not to say that long lines and touch-screen voting machines that didn't produce a paper trail (as in Ohio) aren't problems that need fixing. American elections must be an example for other nations. Giving Ohio's vote count a clean bill of health would help that cause.

Example for other nations? Yes, we're setting a great example. Out of sight, out of mind. Considering there will probably be a 1/2 million people protesting at the inauguration(like the RNC), Rumsfeld is being charged with war crimes, and we have mainstream media looking the other way...I would say we've got a long way to go to set an example for the world.

Dissapointed in the CSM...


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