Thursday, December 23, 2004

Wheel of VOTER Challenge IV: $.1K

Since our elections are quite humorous(ie:a joke), why not laugh your way to the end of fair elections.

From the Bellaciao Collective:(Robin Baneth)

New Wheel of VOTER "Challange" IV: $.1K, Last of 2004?

Due to the popularity (Ohio fax number created below!) of the last three Wheel of VOTER Challenges 2004 -- in which paper-trail voting is unanimously preferred, indisputable machine hackability, and absence of any Democrat Diebold IT personnel -- we at WVC headquarters now offer the following $100 opportunity for our easiest challenge yet:

We will send a $100 cashier’s check to the first FIVE Ohio Republicans who claim that they:

a) Waited longer than 3 hours to vote in 2004 General Election.
b) Are registered Republicans in Ohio.
c) Voted in a Republican precinct in a Republican Ohio County.
d) Can name one other Republican at a different Republican precinct that waited over 3 hours to vote.

Your name and identifying information will be NOT be made public in any way without your permission. Your identifying information will be held strictly confidential. A signed non-disclosure agreement will be provided. Non-identifying information, such as precinct, county, gender, and race will be published at WVC discretion.

To win:


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