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Bradblog keeps up with the 3 "F words": Florida, Feeney, and Fraud.

So we have Ohio covered(judge, sec. state, and diebold), but in Florida, there is definitely NO conflict of interest there(judges, election officials, congressman, governor, and sec. of state) that's a nice christmas present. I guess the rest of us get least we'll have something to keep warm with, considering the coming dollar waterfall.

Intimidating Letter Faxed to Seminole Chronicle Charges Story on Feeney was 'False and Defamatory'

Feeney Attorney Uses Unrelated and Questionable 'Ethics Investigation' as Sole Basis for Claims


What can I do? Join the Media Blitz

We've been getting allot of emails, most of the questions are "what can I do?".

Are you sick of trying to find breadcrumbs on one of the most important issues to face Americans since it's inception. We were too, so we started this blog, attended rallies, documented speakers via video, and we will be in D.C. Jan. 6th, but here's what you can do, give the gift that keeps on giving, join the media blitz!

It feels much better then being an angry "republican" or disgruntled "democrat"(or whatever the flavor of the month is).

For an introduction on the censorship of US corporate media, please see:

"The Myth of a Divided America"

Once you are convinced that the US corporate media DOES NOT have your best interest in mind and only cares about the bottom line(no matter who it hurts and/or kills), here are some steps you can take, while we still have the power to do so.

Be the Media!

Coming Up For Air: Kerry Preparing Grounds to Unconcede

A report from

Election Challenge likely on Jan 6th

If you haven't been following John Kerry closely, get ready to hear of surprising developments. The vote-defrauded, potential president-in-waiting has just indicated through his lawyer that the validity of George Bush's reelection is no longer a given.


Every vote DID NOT count...see for yourself

These are the votes that the Ohio Recount — under Ohio law — was not allowed to consider, because they were never counted. These are the "spoiled" ballots, the rejected provisional ballots, the people who were not allowed to cast a vote.
Thousands of Ohio voters, including elderly and disabled, and parents with children, were forced to wait in line for hours in the rain and the cold. As the video shows, many of these men and women, after standing in the rain for hours waiting to vote, were turned away, given provisional ballots, or had to leave and could not vote at all.

These are the people whose children stand on the front lines in Iraq. Who will speak for these people? Who will defend and protect them on our own shores?

Please contact your representative and senator (especially Republicans) and demand a full Congressional Investigation of the massive disenfranchisement of minority voters in Ohio and elsewhere.

It is time to end this shameful chapter in American history once and for all.

Still Separate and Unequal in America
Video Link


Cobb Asks Federal Court to Preserve Evidence in Ohio Recount "Voting Machines in Multiple Counties May Have Been Tampered With"

More from

WASHINGTON -- December 24 -- Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb asked a Federal Court yesterday to preserve a wide range of evidence, including voting
machines and election records, to ensure the integrity of the Ohio presidential recount. Cobb's attorneys filed a Motion for a Preservation Order and for Leave to Take Limited Expedited Discovery in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio where recount litigation is pending.

"It is time for the federal judiciary to step in and ensure the integrity of the recount in Ohio, something which Ohio's blatantly partisan Secretary of State is either unwilling or thoroughly incapable of doing," said Cobb. Papers filed with the court state that "voting machines in multiple counties may have been tampered with during the recount by an employee of Triad Governmental Systems, Inc.-the company whose computer program tallied the punch-card votes cast in 41" of Ohio's 88 counties. The most widely reported of these instances took place on December 10, in Hocking County, Ohio, when a Triad representative reprogrammed a computer used for tabulating votes and instructed the county's Deputy Director of Elections to create a "cheat sheet" so "the count would come out perfect and we wouldn't have to do a full hand recount of the county."

Douglas W. Jones, a computer voting expert and the former Chair of the Iowa Board of Examiners for Voting Machines and Electronic Voting Systems, said in an affidavit filed yesterday that the Hocking County incident "threatens the overall integrity of the recount.and the ability of the presidential properly analyze, inspect and assess the ballots and the related voting data from the 2004 presidential election in Ohio."

The Jones affidavit also states that as "a general rule, the tabulating systems room of a voting office should be viewed as a sensitive secure area. No one should have unsupervised access to ballots, official election records, or the machinery used to perform the official tabulation or recount of the ballots." The Cobb campaign has also learned of questionable ballot security procedures in Ashland, Greene and Coshocton counties. Improper interference with voting machines may also have taken place in Union, Monroe, Lucas, Belmont, Fairfield and Harrison counties. All of these instances are cited in yesterday's filing."It seems like the Three Stooges have been put in charge of security for the Ohio recount," said Cobb-LaMarche Media Director Blair Bobier. Legal documents filed in the Ohio recount litigation, along with detailed reports from official recount observers can be found on the Cobb-LaMarche website, Information about the Green Party can be found at


Blackwell Continues to Dodge Questions

A judge, a sec. of state, and a voting machine company in your back pocket...conflict of interest - check. Stolen election - NO WAY!

"If President Bush counted the votes himself...then, maybe, I might agree with you."

In GOP We Trust...

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb said today that Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell has refused to answer questions about the recount process and about a multitude of problems with the underlying presidential election in Ohio."Mr. Blackwell's conduct is insulting and inexcusable. He has refused to answer clarifying questions about the recount process and has also refused to answer questions posed to him in writing by a number of members of Congress," said Cobb.


ILCA Joins PDA in Endorsing Rainbow/PUSH Rallies

The International Labor Communications Association is working with a broad coalition of organizations, including Rainbow/PUSH, Progressive Democrats of America, and to promote rallies in Columbus, Ohio, on Jan. 3, and Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6.

"Millions of Americans are losing faith in our political system," said ILCA President Martin Fishgold. "And millions are losing faith in the media to tell them what's going on. We've heard more on our televisions about voting problems in the Ukraine than about what's happening in Ohio. People have been disenfranchised, made unable to vote, and prevented from verifying that their votes are counted. Working people sacrificed to win the right to vote. Any loss of that right must be opposed, and the labor media must work to organize that opposition, because the corporate media will not."

How many Americans are aware that the official overseeing the Ohio election was also running the Bush-Cheney campaign in that state? That members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee have held hearings looking into some of the many thousands of complaints from Ohio voters? That the ranking Democratic member of that committee has written to the Ohio Secretary of State with 34 questions, of which he agreed in his response to answer zero? That many scholars and statisticians have concluded that the discrepancy between the exit polls and the official results in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida can only plausibly be explained by election fraud and/or discriminatory voter suppression? That voters in highly Democratic precincts in Ohio often had to wait several hours to vote, while heavily Republican precincts had plenty of machines and workers in place? That electronic voting machines malfunctioned in many precincts? That in one precinct, a machine gave George W. Bush 3,893 extra votes out of a total of 638 votes cast?

How many people have heard that in Democratic areas in Ohio, voters were required to show identification even though they were not first-time mail-in registrants, that voters who requested absentee ballots and never received them were barred from voting in person, or that other voters were wrongfully purged from the rolls? Who's been told, not just that Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson are on trial, but that approximately 93,000 ballots were not counted in Ohio, not including unknown thousands of provisional ballots? Who is aware that many Ohioans who voted in the right building but had been directed to the line for the wrong precinct had their votes thrown out?

Do most Americans know that one Ohio county barred observers from its counting of ballots on grounds of "homeland security"? That in various other precincts and counties, more votes were counted than voters signed in to vote? That in one county, thousands of first-time voters in 2004 with no signatures on file supposedly registered on the same day in the non-election year of 1977? That another county added thousands of votes for Bush and none for Kerry after 100 percent of precincts had already been added?

For that matter, how many Americans are aware that there is a recount underway in Ohio? That some counties are complying with the requirements of the recount while others are not? That Ohio's electors have cast their votes for Bush regardless of the fact that the votes are still being counted? That the U.S. Congress is expected to take up the matter of the 2004 election on January 6th, and that numerous House Members and probably some Senators will challenge the results?

"The corporate media would like us to concentrate on our holiday shopping," Fishgold said. "The labor media has a responsibility to make information known that is critical to the health of our democracy. The ILCA is using its website at to help, and the ILCA supports the January 3rd and 6th rallies."

PDF FLYER For Rally info


Progressive Democrats of America to join Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and other Grassroots Organizations to Hold Pro Democracy Rally in Ohio

For Immediate Release:
Tim Carpenter,

CHICAGO - (December 24, 2004) – The Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, along with Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and a coalition of grassroots organizations from across the nation, announced plans for a “‘Pro Democracy Count Every Vote Rally,” in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday, January 3, 2005.

The rally, which will be held at the Capitol Theater, 77 S. High Street, across from Ohio State Capitol, begins at 2 p.m. Coalition partners include Progressive Democrats of America, Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones,, the anti-war coalition United for Peace and Justice, Ohio State Senator Joyce Beatty, CASE Ohio and others.

Organizers said the rally, which is being held just days before the Electoral College convenes to confirm the election results, is an effort to keep the spotlight on the deepening investigation of voter irregularities that occurred in Ohio during the Nov. 2nd presidential election as well as to give birth to a new Pro Democracy Movement.

“The vote recount in Ohio is underway. The election challenge lawsuit has been filed. Subpoenas are being prepared. Depositions are being planned. Hearings spearheaded by Congressman John Conyers are bringing forth new evidence of voter machine manipulation. And now Sen. Kerry has joined in the recount fight. We must have a thorough investigation of voter irregularities and the voter machines BEFORE Congress certifies the Electoral College vote on January 6th” said Rev. Jackson.

“January 3rd will be the beginning of a new Pro Democracy Movement in America,” said Rev. Jackson. “Forty years ago, the Voting Rights Act was passed as a result of an independent, mass civil rights movement. We will carry forward that tradition in 2005, and continue the fight to count every vote and make sure every vote counts.”

During the rally, organizers said, they will continue to seek the thorough investigation of voter irregularities and the voter machines. More than half of the votes cast in Ohio and the nation were recorded on electronic voting machines owned by Republicans with no audit trail. The groups want forensic computer analysts to investigate the machines.

Tim Carpenter of PDA, explaining why PDA has joined the cause said "We cannot expect to promote democracy around the world when we cannot even guarantee the right to vote in the state of Ohio.” There are outstanding lawsuits, testimonies, and growing data proving votes were deliberately suppressed in Ohio. Until these issues can be fully aired by a Congressional investigation, we ask that Senators of conscience stand with the many members of the House who will contest the vote." PDA has initiated an online petition effort urging Senators to stand with the House Representatives, challenge the vote count, and avoid a repeat of the 2000 silence from the Senate.

Rev. Jackson concluded, “We need a one person, one vote democracy – the direct election of the President – that will motivate a 50-state campaign inclusive of the entire nation, not just 20 battleground states. That’s why we support Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s (D-IL) bill, which calls for a constitutional amendment on the right to vote for all US citizens – presidential elections with one set of rules where the individual right to vote is protected by the US Constitution.”

Presidential election is Ohio's top story in 2004

You would think that electors challenging the presidential election for the first time in history...would be one of the nation's top stories.

Not much to see here...because once again, it would be better for America if we remained in our glass protective domes with our "eyes closed tight".

President Bush's narrow win in Ohio easily topped the state's most memorable stories of 2004.

That's funny, because according to Karl Rove, et al...Bush has a mandate. Like Time magazine said..."for reshaping reality to match his design...George W. Bush is our person of the year".


Hearings expose conspiracy in November voting

As the dark iron oil curtain lifts, more recognize the string that is holding this country together. Take a deep breath, sit up straight in that chair, shed your ties to political factions and strengthen the bonds that have held AMERICANS together through the best of times...and the worst of times. We need each other now more then ever. No single party can promise that unity.

From Martha Grevatt in Cleveland:

"The last round was marked by significant fraud and that it therefore can't be upheld as a fair result."

What could this statement be referring to? State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher was directing his comments to the recent election in Ukraine. The real fraud took place much closer to home: in Ohio.

Public hearings in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati and Washington, D.C. have torn off the veil of media and government denial. Hundreds of witnesses have given sworn testimony, pointing to a deliberate and coordinated effort to disenfranchise tens and maybe hundreds of thousands of Ohio voters, primarily African Americans.

The year 2004 saw an unprecedented number of new voter registrations among African Americans, and a record voter turnout was anticipated. The Bush campaign saw this as an obstacle to securing a critical win in Ohio. Thus began the construction of what one witness called "Ohio's first poll tax."

Tens of thousands of new registrations were not entered at all or not entered properly on the rolls. Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell withheld Help America Vote Act funds needed to maintain a current and accurate database and to train poll workers, whose job was further complicated by a new procedure on provisional ballots.

Provisional ballots are given to registered voters whose names do not appear on the rolls where they showed up to vote. The new rule required that they be submitted at the correct precinct or they would be discarded.

Blackwell, who also chaired the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio, didn't act alone. Ahead of the elections, the Ohio Republican Party, in collusion with the Republican National Committee, illegally profiled Black voters, seeking to have tens of thousands of urban voters disqualified. When that failed they secured a court's permission to have one challenger per precinct, or several at every poll, intimidating voters.

Racist poll challengers

Statutes permitting partisan challengers have been overlooked for decades. "The Ohio statute, originally codified in 1831, was amended in 1859 to permit challenges based upon a voter's possession of a 'visible admixture of African blood,'" testified Judith Browne, acting co-director of the Advancement Project.

"In 1868, the law was again amended to include questions for challenged voters about their racial identity and the racial composition of their neighborhoods. In 2004, there was serious concern that the discriminatory nature of these statutes would be resurrected."

These concerns proved to be well-founded. In Hamilton County, which includes Cincinnati, only 55 percent of white voters had Republican challengers at their polling places, compared to 89 percent of Black voters. Voters in predominantly Black precincts were eight times more likely to be challenged than voters in predominantly white ones. The challenge rate was three times higher for Black voters in Cuyahoga County, which contains Cleveland.

Another racist tool involved the distribution and condition of voting machines, possibly discussed during a private meeting on Election Day between Bush, Blackwell and Franklin County Board of Elections Director Matt Damschroder.

Damschroder delivered an excess number of voting machines to the suburbs while inadequately supplying the predominantly Black precincts in Columbus. Of those precincts, 59 out of 74 had less than one machine per 300 voters; in the suburbs 58 out of 73 had more than one machine per 300 voters.

In Cuyahoga County fewer machines were available for the November election than were used in the primaries. All over the state machines were kept in storage while others malfunctioned. This led people to wait in line in driving rain as long as 10 hours. It may never be known how many had to leave without voting, but one poll watcher who testified suggested 8,000 in the Youngstown area alone were disenfranchised this way.

Rep. John Conyers, holding hearings on the issue in Washington, has blasted the Bush team for its "campaign of deception." Prior to the election, voters received bogus letters with Board of Elections letterheads and/or calls from impostors posing as elections officials, directing them to the wrong polls or telling them they couldn't vote. Fliers were spotted stating that only Republicans were voting on Tuesday, Democrats on Wednesday.

Misinformation that convicted felons could not vote was disseminated widely. Absentee voters received letters stating their ballots were no good because they had supposedly given the wrong address.

At the polls both new and longtime voters found their names missing. At least 500 such names were presented before a Cuyahoga County hearing sponsored by the AFL-CIO. Some people were sent from poll to poll, each time waiting in the rain to vote, and some gave up. Confusion reigned supreme when they were offered provisional ballots, not knowing if they were in the correct precinct or not, or if their vote would be counted.

One man was threatened with the charge of voter fraud because he had erroneously filled out a provisional ballot in the wrong precinct and, realizing it wouldn't be counted, was trying to fill out another in the correct precinct.

Adding to all of this were polls opening late or closing for lack of pencils, cars being ticketed or towed, leaflets threatening to arrest voters with outstanding traffic warrants or owing back child support, provisional ballots being trashed, and any number of unreported dirty tricks.

Now tens of thousands of the 155,000 provisional ballots disqualified on technicalities, along with 92,000 "spoiled" ballots, may never be counted. They were not included in the statewide recount completed Dec. 17 (after Bush electors were already sworn in).

In a classic Catch-22 situation, the disregarded ballots were not included in the recount because they were never counted in the first place!

Machine politics

This report would be incomplete without discussing the voting machines and the people who sell them.

In August 2003, Walden O'Dell, CEO of Diebold Inc., stated that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president." Ohio-based Diebold manufactures optical scan machines and the touch-screen electronic voting machines that were used in four Ohio counties. They give no paper receipt.

A Johns Hopkins University study reports that Diebold's software contains "stunning flaws" and that results can be altered at the polls or by remote control. Scores of voters were in fact stunned when they voted for Kerry and then saw the screen read a vote for Bush.

ES&S supplied a few Ohio counties with touch-screen machines and manufactures 60 percent of all the voting machines used in the U.S. ES&S began in the 1980s, when brothers Bob and Todd Urosevich founded DataMark with funding from William and Robert Ahmanson. The Ahmanson family has funded the Heritage Foundation; the Discover Institute, whose focus is un-discovering evolution; and the Chalcedon Institute, which advocates the death penalty "for homosexuals and drunkards."

DataMark became American Infor ma tion Systems, with Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel as chair. It then bought out Business Records Corp., partially owned by Carolyn Hunt of the right-wing Hunt oil family, to become ES&S. With Hagel at its helm, the company provided 80 percent of the voting machines used when Hagel first won the Nebraska Senate race.

Founder Todd Urosevich remains a top executive at ES&S, but not so his brother--Bob Urosevich now heads up Diebold Election Systems!

Diebold technicians were involved in questionable "servicing" of optical scanners in Toledo prior to the recount.

According to sworn testimony by the Hocking County Board of Elections deputy director, a technician from TriAd illegally tampered with computers and instructed her on how to create a "cheat sheet" to make sure the recount matches the official results. TriAd manufactured the punch card machines used in 41 of Ohio's 88 counties. Its founder, Tod Rapp, is a long-time contributor to Republican and right-wing causes.

Where's Kerry?

One would think Sen. John Kerry and the Democratic Party would be on the front lines of challenging this deliberate undermining of basic democratic procedures. Exit polls, which University of Illinois statistician Ron Baiman testified have a 55,000,000-to-1 chance of being wrong, showed Kerry the victor in Ohio. But in fact, the recount only took place after the Green and Libertarian parties challenged the official results.

Kerry has yet to speak at any of the rallies or hearings, but is halfheartedly backing the legal challenges, now that the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. John Conyers put the Ohio election in the national spotlight.

Kerry, Bush and their respective parties are both part of the same anti-democratic capitalist system. They both support the war against Iraq, and their positions on same-sex marriage, an issue instrumental in securing the Bush vote in Ohio, are almost identical. They both recognize that racism, including the denial of suffrage, is indispensable to maintaining capital's power over labor.

Kerry, like Gore in 2004, would sooner hold back the seething anger than mount a real challenge to centuries of racist oppression.

Despite Kerry's vacillation, none of these violations has gone unchallenged.

Packed hearings have brought to light the damning statistics but also the raw emotions around this horrible act of profiling. Hundreds of people from around the country volunteered and contributed over $100,000 for the recount.

A rally at the State House in November featuring the Rev. Jesse Jackson drew 900 outraged people. Activists continue to demonstrate, and have set up a tent city outside Secretary of State Blackwell's office.

Jackson was back in Columbus Dec. 13, while the Bush electors were being sworn in, for the filing of one of many lawsuits seeking to decertify the "official" Ohio election results.

The fight for the basic right of suffrage, to complete the unfinished revolution cut short by the defeat of Reconstruction, is a just fight deserving the utmost solidarity. Its best hope is to link up the fight over the Bush (s)election with the fight to overturn the whole Bush (and Kerry) program of war, bigotry and exploitation.


Friday, December 24, 2004

No Fact Left Behind - Brad Friedman Calls Out the 1/2 Truths

Brad Friedman(, has been analyzing the media lack of attention and 1/2 truths for weeks. Worth a look.

Any reporter (and there were three that contributed to this short piece!) that mentions Blackwell in anyway -- much less in a way that actually paints him as someone who gives any kind of a damn about solving election problems in Ohio! -- and yet doesn't point out that he was also THE OHIO CO-CHAIR OF THE COMMITTEE TO RELECT BUSH/CHENEY should have their Journalist License immediately and permanently revoked, and sentenced to a lifetime of writing 24/7 on a green blog for no money at all.


Woman Starts Hunger Strike in Front of Senator Wyden's Office

Reported by & Fairness By Beckerman.

A woman not associated with Truth In Voting (Sarah) has started a hunger strike and silent vigil outside the building where Senator Wyden's Eugene office is located. If you would like to show your support, please stop by the 151 West 7th building any weekday between 3 and 6 pm and say hello and stand with her in solidarity. She is asking the same thing we are: that Sen. Wyden "refuse to ratify the Congressional certification of the Electoral College on Jan. 6th, 2005." She has indicated that she will fast until the day of that vote.


In Ohio, almost 1 in 50 votes for president don't count

- Here's something that has been largely overlooked amid all of the complaints about voting irregularities in Ohio during the Nov. 2 election:

Nearly 97,000 ballots, or 1.7 percent of those cast across the state, either did not record a preference for president or could not be counted because the voter selected more than one presidential candidate.

An analysis by Scripps Howard News Service found that Ohio recorded the second-highest number of missing votes in the country, behind California. Elections experts say a large number of missing votes in a high-profile race like president should raise a red flag that something may be amiss.

Secretary of State Ken Blackwell said it's difficult to know what happened because the numbers don't include a breakdown of how many voters simply chose not to vote for president or how many picked more than one presidential candidate.

But he said the data reinforces his belief that the state must move away from punch-card ballots and toward electronic machines that prevent voters from picking more than one candidate in the same race.

Voters in 68 of Ohio's 88 counties used punch-card ballots in November. Electronic voting machinery must be in place in every county in Ohio by May 2006.

On the other hand, Blackwell said, some voters probably chose not to vote for president because they didn't like either of the major candidates on the ballot.

"Given human nature, when you're talking about 5.8 million people casting a vote, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to think that you have a small percentage of people who would say, 'A pox on both of your houses,' " Blackwell said.

"I just hear, as I crisscross the state talking with voters, some people don't think they have a clear choice and they think it's (between) tweedledee and tweedledum. Sometimes they just take a pass and focus on those issues and candidates that they know and that they see have a clear difference."

The number of missing votes in Ohio increased over the last presidential election. This year, there were 96,580 missing votes, compared to 93,991 four years ago. Blackwell attributed the increase to the fact that nearly 1 million more voters cast ballots in this year's contest than four years ago.

As for percentages, the number of missing votes in Ohio actually declined. Four years ago, 2 percent of all ballots cast in Ohio did not register a vote for president or could not be counted because of double-voting. This year, that number dropped to 1.7 percent.

The three Ohio counties with the highest percentage of missing votes were Coshocton County, where 1,365 ballots, or nearly 8 percent of all ballots cast, did not register a vote for president; Van Wert County, which reported 698 missing votes, or 4.5 percent; and Holmes County, which had 570 missing votes, or 4.48 percent.

Mary A. Fry, director of the Coshocton County Board of Elections, attributed the number of missing votes in her county to a mental health issue that was on the ballot. Voters were asked to approve a property tax levy on which the proceeds would go to mental health programs in the county.

"A lot of people voted on a mental health issue and nothing else," she said.

In Van Wert County, elections officials said the problem could be traced largely to a voting machine in one precinct. Some 400 votes had to be thrown out after elections workers in one precinct borrowed a punch-card reader from another precinct.

The order in which candidate names appear on the ballot in Ohio is rotated from one political jurisdiction to another. But elections workers forgot to rotate the ballot when they borrowed the punch-card reader in Van Wert County, making it impossible to determine which presidential candidate the voter was trying to vote for, said Carlo LoParo, spokesman for the Secretary of State's office.

Holmes County traditionally has a high number of missing votes because the county has a large Amish population, said Lisa Welch, director of the Holmes County Board of Elections.

"Traditionally, our Amish do not vote on candidates, they only vote on issues," Welch said. "They do not feel it's their right to judge men."


Also see the extensive collection, of vote fraud articles at

GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out

GIGO,...that's tech talk for those of us who love to trust machines.

Quite simply, if you put garbage into the machine, it spits out garbage. So, any recount - random or not - using machines, can be easily tampered with to show whatever you want. Now, sprinkle some partisan sugar on top and wysiwyg...what you see, is what you get.

The best part, if your a US taxpayer...YOU paid for it. We could create some jobs just by using the millions to hire independent election workers to hand count ballots. Instead, we spend millions on a system, that not only has all sorts of partisan politics involved, it doesn't work! ($2.6 Million dollar fine to Diebold should tell you that much)

Is this really rocket science?

Some more from truthout:( $charge$ for GIGO)

Video Supporting Ohio Vote Fraud Claim Revealed

On Friday, December 10 2004, Michael from TriAd called in the AM to inform us that he would be in our office in the PM on the same day. I asked him why he was visiting us. He said, "to check out your tabulator, computer, and that the attorneys will be asking some tricky questions and he wanted to go over some of the questions they maybe ask." He also added that there would be no charge for this service.

He arrived at about 12:30PM. I hung his coat up and it was very heavy. I made a comment about it being so heavy. He, Lisa Schwartze and I chatted for a few minutes. He proceeded to go to the room where our computer and tabulation machine is kept. I followed him into the room. I had my back to him when he turned the computer on. He stated that the computer was not coming up. I did see some commands at the lower left hand of the screen but no menu. He said that the battery in the computer was dead and that the stored information was gone. He said that he could put a patch on it and fix it. My main concern was - what if this happened when we were ready to do the recount. He proceeded to take the computer apart and call his offices to get information to input into our computer. Our computer is fourteen years old and as far as I know had always worked in the past. I asked him if the older computer, that is in the same room. could be used for the recount. I don't remember exactly what he said but I did relay to him that the computer was old and a spare. At some point he asked if he could take the spare computer apart and I said "yes". He took both computers apart. I don't remember seeing any tools and he asked Sue Wallace, Clerk, for a screwdriver. She got it for him. At this point I was frustrated about the computer not performing and feared that it wouldn't work for the recount. I called Gerald Robinette, board chairman, to inform him regarding the computer problem and asked him if we could have Tri Ad come to our offices to run the program and tabulator for the recount. Gerald talked on the phone with Michael and Michael assured Gerald that he could fix our computer. He worked on the computer until about 3:00 PM and then asked me which precinct and the number of the precinct we were going to count. I told him, Good Hope 1 # 17. He went back into the tabulation room. Shortly after that he (illegible) stated that the computer was ready for the recount and told us not to turn the computer off so it would charge up.


Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray

Truthout delivers an update:

2004 Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry will file today, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, papers in support of the Green Party/Libertarian Party recount effort. Specifically, Kerry will be filing a request for expedited discovery regarding Triad Systems voting machines, as well as a motion for a preservation order to protect any and all discovery and preserve any evidence on this matter.


No Holiday For Vote Thieves

A very good roundup of all the issues and links to more.

From the Black Commentator:

“No, I think the Senate is going to go along with an inquiry this time,” said Conyers. “I don't think they would embarrass themselves to let this happen two times in a row… I just don't think the Senate would get caught in that position.” Conyers is careful not to name names, claiming he hasn’t spoken directly to a single Senator, but adding, “there are Republicans who support what I'm doing who haven't been willing to come forward.”

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Massachusetts electors pass unanimous resolution calling for an investigation

From the Coalition Against Election Fraud(CAEF.US):

We are pleased that the Massachusetts electors have passed a unanimous resolution calling for an investigation into the voting irregularities in the 2004 Presidential election.

The following is a motion made by Tom Barbera and the other Massachusetts electors. The electors passed the motion unanimously. Mr. Barbera received a standing ovation after he read it out loud.

I move that we, the duly sworn electors of Massachusetts, call on Congress and especially the honorable members of our MA congressional delegation as follows:

We believe that as electors we have a unique opportunity and obligation to insure that justice does not again become so delayed as to be denied. We call on the Congress of the United States and most especially our own honorable representatives, the members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation to:

1. Act to commit Congress to investigate all voting complaints that might have any validity that they receive.

2. Act to commit Congress to remedy any voting rights violations or electoral fraud verified by its own agents or through the courts.

3. File in Congress and commit their resources to passage of systematic remedies.

Tom Barbera made his own statement as he cast his vote for President and Vice President:

We believe in one nation under God and we recognize as in the words of the great leader Martin Luther King Jr. that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." And we recognize our obligation as citizens of one nation to stand up for the equal rights for all members of our national community. We do believe that all people are created equal, and we hold precious the sacred right to vote, which our forefathers enshrined in the very Constitution that we have just sworn as electors to uphold and as citizens of Massachusetts, where we count every vote.


Wheel of VOTER Challenge IV: $.1K

Since our elections are quite humorous(ie:a joke), why not laugh your way to the end of fair elections.

From the Bellaciao Collective:(Robin Baneth)

New Wheel of VOTER "Challange" IV: $.1K, Last of 2004?

Due to the popularity (Ohio fax number created below!) of the last three Wheel of VOTER Challenges 2004 -- in which paper-trail voting is unanimously preferred, indisputable machine hackability, and absence of any Democrat Diebold IT personnel -- we at WVC headquarters now offer the following $100 opportunity for our easiest challenge yet:

We will send a $100 cashier’s check to the first FIVE Ohio Republicans who claim that they:

a) Waited longer than 3 hours to vote in 2004 General Election.
b) Are registered Republicans in Ohio.
c) Voted in a Republican precinct in a Republican Ohio County.
d) Can name one other Republican at a different Republican precinct that waited over 3 hours to vote.

Your name and identifying information will be NOT be made public in any way without your permission. Your identifying information will be held strictly confidential. A signed non-disclosure agreement will be provided. Non-identifying information, such as precinct, county, gender, and race will be published at WVC discretion.

To win:


Congressman Conyers Has Questions for Triad

Via Ray Beckerman's Blog:

Congressman Conyers wrote a December 22nd letter to Triad's president, Brett Rapp, asking a series of questions about Triad's conduct and intentions:


Ohio electoral fight becomes 'biggest deal since Selma' as GOP stonewalls

Unfortunately for the GOP, this is what happens when you have a free press that isn't being fed by the pentagon. They actually report. So when will we start jailing the journalists? Let's face it, facism is popular, soon you will understand how the German people "had no idea"...out of sight, out of mind.

COLUMBUS -- As Republican officials stonewall subpoenas and subvert the recount process, Rev. Jesse Jackson has pronounced Ohio's vote fraud fiasco "the biggest deal since Selma" and has called for a national rally at "the scene of the crime" in Columbus January 3.

Also, more on "vote flip-flopping", that we mentioned the other day. You remember "flip-flop" right?

Gotta love the corporate PR spin/attack/anti-activist lobbyist/damage control firms, like...Qorvis (who were just investigated by the FBI), or maybe Dezenhall resources .

New vote flipping report from

Default settings in Mahoning County

in certain counties in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Mexico where touch screen voting machines were used, there have been complaints from voters who selected Kerry on the touch screen and saw their votes change to Bush on a summary screen. In addition, there was a specific problem with the Sequoia AVC Edge machine (not used in Ohio) where voters actually saw preselected default choices presented to them.


Mainstream Media Refuses to Release Exit Poll Raw Data

If you've been reading here, you probably already feel that hole in your stomach. But, just in case you think the corp. double-speak media actually cares for the well being of American taxpayers and not their bottom on. Let me remind you that between Reagan and Clinton, media ownership laws were loosened to the point that a handful of companies control everything you see, read, and here(except speech, neat concept huh? What were those kooky founding fathers thinking). I wonder why "slam dunk" Tenet recently came out of his shell of disgrace to proclaim that the internet is like "the wild west"..."eventually, it will have to yield to governance and control"...slam dunk?...sadly no, just another airball.

TV Networks finally display their true colors

For those watching the growing body of evidence concerning election fraud in our past presidential election, one question has remained: Why don't we hear about this on the evening news?

As of yet it's been hard to explain why the controversies in Ukraine make the headlines, but when similar problems are discovered at home, you have to scour the Internet to find the information.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It Can't Happen Here

By Rep. Ron Paul

In 2002 I asked my House colleagues a rhetorical question with regard to the onslaught of government growth in the post-September 11th era: Is America becoming a police state?

The question is no longer rhetorical. We are not yet living in a total police state, but it is fast approaching. The seeds of future tyranny have been sown, and many of our basic protections against government have been undermined. The atmosphere since 2001 has permitted Congress to create whole new departments and agencies that purport to make us safer- always at the expense of our liberty. But security and liberty go hand-in-hand. Members of Congress, like too many Americans, don't understand that a society with no constraints on its government cannot be secure. History proves that societies crumble when their governments become more powerful than the people and private institutions.

Unfortunately, the new intelligence bill passed by Congress two weeks ago moves us closer to an encroaching police state by imposing the precursor to a full-fledged national ID card. Within two years, every American will need a "conforming ID to deal with any federal agency -- including TSA at the airport. Undoubtedly many Americans and members of Congress don't believe America is becoming a police state, which is reasonable enough. They associate the phrase with highly visible symbols of authoritarianism like military patrols, martial law, and summary executions. But we ought to be concerned that we have laid the foundation for tyranny by making the public more docile, more accustomed to government bullying, and more accepting of arbitrary authority -- all in the name of security. Our love for liberty above all has been so diminished that we tolerate intrusions into our privacy that would have been abhorred just a few years ago. We tolerate inconveniences and infringements upon our liberties in a manner that reflects poorly on our great national character of rugged individualism. American history, at least in part, is a history of people who don't like being told what to do. Yet we are increasingly empowering the federal government and its agents to run our lives.

Terror, fear, and crises like 9-11 are used to achieve complacency and obedience, especially when citizens are deluded into believing they are still a free people. The loss of liberty, we are assured, will be minimal, short-lived, and necessary. Many citizens believe that once the war on terror is over, restrictions on their liberties will be reversed. But this war is undeclared and open-ended, with no precise enemy and no expressly stated final goal. Terrorism will never be eradicated completely; does this mean future presidents will assert extraordinary war powers indefinitely?

Washington DC provides a vivid illustration of what our future might look like. Visitors to Capitol Hill encounter police barricades, metal detectors, paramilitary officers carrying fully automatic rifles, police dogs, ID checks, and vehicle stops. The people are totally disarmed; only the police and criminals have guns. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, monitoring street activity, subway travel, parks, and federal buildings. There's not much evidence of an open society in Washington, DC, yet most folks do not complain -- anything goes if it's for government-provided safety and security.

After all, proponents argue, the government is doing all this to catch the bad guys. If you don't have anything to hide, they ask, what are you so afraid of? The answer is that I'm afraid of losing the last vestiges of privacy that a free society should hold dear. I'm afraid of creating a society where the burden is on citizens to prove their innocence, rather than on government to prove wrongdoing. Most of all, I'm afraid of living in a society where a subservient populace surrenders its liberties to an all-powerful government.

It may be true that average Americans do not feel intimidated by the encroachment of the police state. Americans remain tolerant of what they see as mere nuisances because they have been deluded into believing total government supervision is necessary and helpful, and because they still enjoy a high level of material comfort. That tolerance may wane, however, as our standard of living falls due to spiraling debt, endless deficit spending at home and abroad, a declining fiat dollar, inflation, higher interest rates, and failing entitlement programs. At that point attitudes toward omnipotent government may change, but the trend toward authoritarianism will be difficult to reverse.

Those who believe a police state can't happen here are poor students of history. Every government, democratic or not, is capable of tyranny. We must understand this if we hope to remain a free people.


Investigating Ohio

Rep. John Conyers isn't ready to declare the election stolen, but he'll continue to dig into the droves of complaints -- and fight to fix the broken U.S. election system

For those who believe that the 2004 election was stolen by George W. Bush, Karl Rove and an unholy alliance of party operatives and voting-machine impresarios, a 75-year-old Democratic congressman from Detroit has emerged as the last best hope for American democracy. Almost alone in official Washington, Rep. John Conyers has insisted that the nation understand -- and then correct -- the problems that plagued the 2004 vote.

More(requires subscription)

Voter Fraud Protest in Austin

This news is from last week, but we thought people would like to see what Texans are doing. See some Video and Photos of their No Stolen Election Rally.

Many Houstonians made their way to Austin on Sunday Dec. 12 to attend a rally and march to keep this year's presidential election debacle in the spotlight. The corporate media has blacked disturbing information on wide spread voter intimidation, errors and fraud. Speakers included Houston activist Pokey Anderson, David Van Os, a democrat who ran for the Texas State Supreme Court and Radio host Alex Jones. The 150 in attendance heard warnings of an election system mechanism is owned and operated by the opposition party.

Video 1

Video 2

Photos 1

Photos 2


Challenge the Nov 2 vote - Action required

From Portland Indymedia via Contest the Vote.

Ask your senators and the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary to Stand Up and Support an Election Investigation
Questions are swirling around whether the election was conducted honestly or not. We need to know -- was it or wasn't it?

When Congress reconvenes in January, at least 14 members of the House of Representatives will challenge the validity of the 2004 election. They will request an immediate investigation into many problems and irregularities encountered in the election.

According to the Electoral Count Act of 1887, one senator and one House Representative are required to contest an election prior to inauguration. We have the representatives; we still need a senator. Please let your senators know that you want them to stand up with House Representatives and contest the vote.

The signed petitions will be delivered to each senator in person by a coalition of representatives from a variety of concerned organizations and individuals. We will also deliver copies of signed petitions from all states to the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary to encourage them to hold formal hearings on the 2004 election. our senators and the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary:
Please copy and pass this message on.



Just One Senator!

Some info from, contacts, updates on letters, what you can do.

Just One Senator!

Terry McAuliffe fights for DNC legitimacy

No really, if you give us some more money, we can fix, really, trust us this time.

"We can't expect people to come and make a record vote turnout again if they don't feel comfortable that we are protecting their right to vote."

So next time, we'll make sure that 100% of the votes are counted by machines and none will be the wiser.

DNC Launches Investigation Into Election Anomalies

Ohio Sec. of State Blackwell Leaves Election Board Chair..."Wondering"

Why should we trust the republican and democratic "parties" again?...George Washington would of laughed at this two party shell game.

'A lot of the problems and allegations could have been avoided if the Secretary of State hadn't made the rulings he did in the last few days leading up to the election'

Burke and Anthony both seemed to stress the problems created by Blackwell's many directives and opinions in the days right before election day. 'Why, since Blackwell has been Secretary of State since 1998 did he wait until 37 days before election day to make this ruling [changing the way we count provisional ballots]?' Anthony wondered.


Almost No Recounts Were "Random"

What do you expect from the two parties that have monopolized our liberty, is the fog starting to clear for you? In the last 24 hours the only reports from mainstream news have been damage control and white house propaganda.

Qui bono?..."all is well, go back to bed America"

Eight days after the recount has started, almost all counties have completed their recounts — at least, in their opinion. But the Ohio Recount effort is far from over. Please visit our new County Reports file to see the true stories of the recount. For example:

What is Ohio trying to hide about vote?

You have barely scratched the surface with your coverage of the vote recount in Ohio.

U.S. Rep. John Conyers, senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, recently issued the statement, "The recount effort is simply a search for the truth of what happened during the 2004 presidential election in Ohio. We have now repeatedly seen election officials obstruct and stonewall this search for the truth. I am beginning to wonder what it is they are trying to hide."

I'd like to know myself.


Votergate is in full effect, nationally and at home

Thursday Dec. 23, 2004 2:00PM
202 'C' Street San Diego Downtown Civic Center Plaza.
Come out and support the 5,000+ voters that have been disinfranchised by a bubble. More than 5,000 voters can't be ignored!
From the Voters for Donna Frye and the Supporters of Democracy


Ohio Voting Bombshell

We apologize for no updates yesterday, we are busy promoting awareness and if you care at all about our great country and the slippery slope we are travelling down, please contact us and share your story, tell us what your doing. We want to make a central location for people with links and information.

As you can see, this is a volunteer effort. We are spending our own time and money. We don't want your money and won't ask. We hope that you will share this site so people can make their own decision and get the facts.

It should be apparent now, that the only mainstream TV news that will carry this story...are the people that are trying to discredit and/or contain the damage. It's a secret they don't want you to know. Like the story below or maybe this.

Legitimacy of Ohio Vote Recount Called Into Question After Probe

By Ken Hoop

After several weeks of utilizing Ohio election laws to demand a recount, Third Party presidential candidates David Cobb of the Green Party and Libertarian Michael Badnarik have achieved their first tangible success. Two stunning affidavits recently filed have made it virtually impossible for GOP Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell to tidily sabotage the recount process., the congressional offices of Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), and other sources have web site postings of the affidavits of Sherole Eaton, deputy director of the Board of Elections in Hocking County, and of Evelyn Roberson, a participant in the Greene County recount.

Cobb first alerted Conyers to these affidavits in congressional hearings held in Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 13. Conyers then sent letters to FBI special agent in charge of Ohio, Kevin R. Brock, and the Hocking County prosecutor, Larry Beal, on Dec. 15.

Conyers letter states:

As part of the Democratic staff’s investigation into irregularities in the 2004 election I have learned that Sherole Eaton, a deputy director of the Board of Elections in Hocking County, Ohio has first hand knowledge of inappropriate and likely illegal election tampering in the Ohio presidential election in violation of federal and state law. . . . Similar actions may be occurring in other counties in Ohio. I am therefore asking that you immediately investigate this alleged misconduct and consider immediate impoundment of election machinery to prevent any further tampering.

Conyers then points out that Ms. Eaton asserts that on Dec. 10 Michael Barbian Jr., a representative of Triad GSI, unilaterally obtained access to Hocking County voting machines and records. He proceeded to “modify the computer tabulator, learn which precinct was planned to be the subject of the initial test recount and made further alterations based on that information and advised the election officials how to manipulate the machinery so that the preliminary hand recount matched the machine count.”

Ms. Eaton first relayed this information to Green Party representatives and then completed, signed and notarized an affidavit describing this course of events.

The affidavit of Ms. Eaton claims technician Barbian also explained how to post a “cheat sheet” on the wall so that only Hocking County workers would know what it meant, so that those conducting the hand “recount” of the pre-ordained precinct could make the final results correspond with the published computer count.

This shows that vote fraud gumshoes like the Collier brothers, the authors of the book Votescam: The Stealing of America, and Jim Condit Jr., of, were correct in charging that hand recounts of a pre-designated small fraction of ballots are meaningless because those precincts must be selected weeks in advance, removing the element of randomness. charges that officials in many counties know which precincts are slated for recount well in advance. Board of Election officials and their vendors can ensure any recount matches initially published results.

Both affidavits swear that one private company, Triad, services the computerized systems in these two counties, confirming Christopher Bollyn’s AFP reports of several weeks past.

The Dec. 15 New York Times carries a Tom Zeller story stating, “Among other things, Ms. Eaton says in her affidavit that a representative of Triad Governmental Systems, the Ohio firm that created and maintains the vote-counting software in dozens of Ohio counties, made several adjustments to the Hocking County tabulator last Friday in advance of the state’s recount.”

Triad in fact is utilized in 43 of 88 Ohio counties.

Election officials in 99 percent of the 3,100-plus counties in the United States use private companies—Triad, Diebold Election System and Software (ESS) and Sequoia, and a few other minor players. These corporations maintain that their software is proprietary and the courts have allowed these companies to keep their software secret from the public.

What makes this so disturbing was highlighted by veteran reporter Ronnie Dugger in the August 2004 Nation magazine: “On Nov. 2, millions of Americans will cast their votes for president in computerized voting systems that can be rigged by corporate or local election insiders. Five out of every six [American voters] will consign their votes into computers that unidentified programmers, working in the main for four private corporations and the officials of 10,500 election jurisdictions could program to invisibly falsify the outcomes.”

As the Colliers noted in Votescam, the computers that spoke in November 1988 held in their inner workings small boxes that contained secret codes that only the sellers of the computers could read. The programs were regarded as “trade secrets.”

The sellers of the vote-counting software zealously guarded their programs from everyone on the dubious grounds that “competitors could steal their ideas if the source codes were open to inspection.”

In his letter to the FBI and Hocking County prosecutor, Conyers stated that the actions of the Triad technician appeared to violate several Ohio laws, including one that requires that during a period of canvassing (recount), all interaction regarding ballots must happen in the presence of all relevant officials in that county.

To compound Triad’s problems, Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell issued instructions on Friday Dec. 10 that the state was in a period of canvassing and at least one Democrat and one Republican should be present for any phase of the recount.

Lawyers working with the Green and Libertarian candidates have added “election tampering” to the civil suit filed against the state of Ohio, AFP has learned.


Monday, December 20, 2004

Stolen Election-Lost Democracy: Report From Ohio

This comes from Twin Cities Indymedia, via Ohio. Part One can be found here.

The evidence is mounting that this election, just as the last one, had been stolen. What makes this one even more stunning is the brazen nature in which it had been stolen. Add to this the nature of how it had been stolen, with the possible use of manipulated machines as well as the silence from the media and the leadership of the Democratic Party. Many observers have noted the common feeling that the democratic process is slipping away right in front of us.

This is the second part of this Indy Media Journalist and Official Observer for the Green Party's David Cobb Re-count effort in Ohio.

We met them everywhere. People who were angry, who knew that something very wrong had happened in the last election. Typical reactions were such as the young waitress who served us in Dianne's Restaraunt in Sandusky, a town in Seneca County, Ohio.

She approached us after we entered Dianne's to eat and strategize our efforts for the re-count. Eli Anthony, Noca Timassy and myself were seated at a booth, bedecked in bright orange scarf, hat and wearing our Green Party Ohio Election Re-count team buttons. She asked if we were helping in the Re-count effort underway. When we answered that we were, she thanked us profusely and also spoke of her anger. She, like many there, knew that something had gone very wrong in this election. They understood that the exit polls did not match the result in the presidential race, even thought they did match all the other races. We met many others like her, all over our designated area. The stench of a corrupted election was everywhere.

We also met the Erie County head of the NAACP. We heard stories of voter intimidation and where minority communities had few machines, causing folks to stand for hours, often in the rain even as other whiter and more affluent communities had no such problem. Even more damning were the reports that there were voting machines lying unused in storage containers in Colombus, Ohio. However we discovered that things were to get much worse.

Tuesday, we had been at the Board of Elections Headquarters for Seneca County. There, while we had a few problems such as the "random" pick of pricincts already being chosen before observers were present, none the less it had gone fairly well. In Seneca, we watched and had explained that the ballots were opened in a locked storage facility and needed a key from both the Republican and Democratic secretaries to be opened, thereby ensuring integrity of the ballot access.

On Wednesday, our focus was the media and our team talked to some local media including a newspaper from Sandusky. Later we went to the local library where I filed my initial Indy Media report. By this stage we had already been hearing some of the reports from Greene, Lucas, Hocking and other Counties. We also taped an interview with the local co-ordinator Noca Timassy, Eli Anthony and myself which Noca promised would be edited and appear on the local cable access. Noca promised that she would send a copy, when finished so that we could also screen on our own cable access.

Later that evening we recieved reports of David Cobb, Green Party candidate and other observers personally witnessing "technicians" from the Triad Company approach them, while they were auditing a machine in Hocking and other Counties. These "technicians" stated that they had to change a battery in the machine. In the proccess of changing the battery, some were observed removing other parts from the Triad machines. He was challenged but since observers had to legal authority to actually stop a count or even contest actions such as this, the individual in question left. Even more appalling was reports from Cobb of the same individual approaching them to "change the battery" after the team started to check another machine that was counting another county.Apparently the only ones with actual authority were the Member of the Board of Election Committee. They did nothing to challenge the technicians in question or their questionable behavior. Triad of course produce machines that count the optiscan ballots and have reportedly close ties to the Republican Party. We can report though, that after Cobb and others testified at the Conyers hearings, that an investigation has been opened into voter fraud by both the FBI and local authorities. We can watch this development with interest.

We also recieved reports of individuals who had been approaching Board of Elections offices in other parts of the state after they were closed late at night. In this instance, while observers were watching one office, an unknown individual was seen attempting to enter the office. When challenged by an observer, who had been watching the office from a distance for any irregularities, the person in question mysteriously stated " hey, we all make mistakes" and then left. After this incident, there was a statewide call for us to watch our local Board of Elections offices. Our team went to Eire County and we did not see anything out of the ordinary but since we had to report there the next morning, we had to leave later that night. But we did have local people who would "drive by from time to time" and keep an eye out. It would have to do because we would have a big day tommorrow.

Also there is the reports of other observers experience in Greene County, to the south. In one instance Katrina Sumner arrived at a Board of Elections office the day before and was stunned to find it wide open. After calling it in, she testified to the Conyers hearing in Colombus, Ohio. After she testified, she recieved threating phone calls, from individuals who told her that she was at a variety of locations and that they were watching her. Later she had the tires on her car slashed.

8:00 am we arrived at the Offices of the Erie County Board of Elections. While the workers there were very helpful and willing to assist, we experienced problems immediately. The first thing was that the boxes of ballots were already out on the table. There had been no observer present to watch the ballots removal from a secure location. At 8:07 the team of Green party Observers made our first objection, that the random pricinct selection, with observers present had not been made. Like other places in the state, the pick of pricincts to do a hand count, to represent a 3% total of the state had already been chosen. This means that by definition it was not a random count. The Republican Board member, Chris Marinko over-ruled us immediately. The count went on.

Then Board member Marinko called, in a very angry tone, an "emergency meeting" of the Board. There he was heard to make comments such as "I can't believe we have to do this shit", "do we have to do this Green Re-count", and to the Democratic lawyer present " We could never be Green's, we have too much money and we like our big houses and SUV's way to much". It must be noted here that the Democratic Party lawyer specializes in corporate law. During this and later events Democratic Party Board of Elections Chairman, Dave Gasse sat passively on. Marinko was quickly to earn the title "the Little Prick" from the members of the Green Party Election Observer Team.
We were also to hear later that Chairman Gisse was " about as useless as shit" from a constituant. While Gisse was the Chairman, it was obvious that Marinko was really the one who was "wearing the pants" in Eire County. It was already turning interesting in Eire County.

Then we began the Logic and Accuracy Test of the optiscanner machine. This machine was manufactured by AIS and so was not a Triad, but troubles were to develop. At first it appeared that a test deck had already been run Nov 14th and obviously we questioned this. We wanted a test run done in front of us observers and they did indeed do this. But upon further questioning, we found some details that upon further analysis may prove to be troubling. The reason that there had been a "test run" done Nov 14th was that there had been a new chip placed in the machine at this date. This begs the question as to why there were new chips added to this machine Nov 14th, after the election but before the re-count, especially knowing that the re-count was going to be done. The explaination may be innocent, but it will take others, more knowledgably of the AIS machinary than the Observer Team to rectify this potential problem.

Upon completion of the hand count of the selected pricincts #2 and #41 of Eire County, the machine did it's count. For a minute we were all stunned because the count was off. The Democratic lawyer and Eli Anthony demanded a full hand re-count of the entire county, but after some deliberation it was decided to do another hand count, which the board could do, according to procedure. The second hand count matched the machines total. Of interest though was that the operators of the machines, workers for the board made the comment that "oh, the machine may be off because I forgot to press the button for the overvotes" as a way to explain the descrepancy. Observer Anthony from the Green Party team raised an objection that this was never rectified but it was ignored by the board.

Another thing that we observed was the number of votes that were not originally counted because they had been filled in by pen. Apparently when the bubble was filled by pen, the machine would reject them. By the end of the count Kerry would recieve an additional 17 votes and Bush 4 more. Each of these were filled in with pencil by Board members, therby ensuring that it would count. We were curious as to why these had not been done the first time, during the Nov 2nd Election. We also noted the large number of overvotes, where the voter had filled in more than one selection for president, therby nullifying that vote. Of interest was that the vast majority of overvotes were Kerry/Nader/other votes. Very few were Bush overvotes, even though the ballot had two other conservatives, the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party candidates. There is no way to verify if there had been any intentional " additional filling" of bubbles by unknown others.

It must be noted here that Ohio's Secretary of State, the person directly responsible for mmaintaining the integrity of the voting proccess is none other than Ken Blackwell. Blackwell, a Republican, is no ordinary Secretary of State. As a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, many believe that Blackwell has experiences in subverting the democratic proccess elsewhere. Places such as Venezuala, where it is suspected that the Council on Foreign Relations helped foster the attempted coup of popular Venezualian president, Hugo Chavez. This could very easily be a case of the chicken truely coming home to roost.

Finally, the re-count was finished at 4:00 pm. The staff at the board had been very friendly and transparent and we observers got on well with them. perhaps they, like us were "not rich with big houses and SUV's". After a quick interview with the local, Republican friendly newspaper, a lsat dinner with Noca at Dianne's, Eli and I were off home to the twin cities.

Since coming home, more has become evident. Apart from the almost complete silence in the "mainstream" corporate media, apparently we are now hearing that even thought there are now serious concerns that the entire democratic proccess for the future is at risk, the reason that the Kerry campaign will not speak out is because of their fear that they will be portrayed as "whiney loosers". The media has stated that they are not reporting it due to Kerry remaining silent and Kerry remains silent because of his fear of the reactions in the media to him speaking out. It is a self perpetuating cycle of political cowardice by both the leadership of the Democratic Party and of the media.

Our democracy is at risk and we deserve better than this. We should not accept these "chickens coming home to roost". It is now our job to reclaim our right to vote and become involved in the democratic proccess. The Democratic Party and the Corporate Media might be afraid but we, like many in Ohio are not afraid. We are angry and will not stand idly by, while our democracy starts to slip away from us. We will claim it back, despite the cowardice of the so called leadership, or lack there-of, of the Democratic Party along with the complicity of the corporate media.
See also:


Vote "Flipping" in Florida

"Vote Flipping":(touch one candidate, it records another)

The present writer was in Florida on Election Day, as a poll watcher for Election Protection Coalition, a non-partisan group concerned with preventing a repeat of the 2000 election debacle. What he saw first hand persuaded him that fraud had occurred on a massive scale--- in Florida, Ohio, and probably in other battleground states.

At his polling site, a largely minority area in Hillsborough County, half as many voting machines were in use as had been used for the earlier primary. Across town, the same situation prevailed. Long lines forced many potential voters to choose between their civic duty and privilege (voting) and their work and family responsibilities. Hillsborough County was the tip of the iceberg, as it turned out; the same happened all throughout Florida and Ohio. But in predominantly Republican neighborhoods, plenty of voting machines were on hand, lines were normal, and everyone who wanted to vote, did.

I saw another apparent anomaly. A touch-screen voting machine “flipped” a woman’s vote from John F. Kerry to George W. Bush. The woman was visibly upset, but it seemed to us poll watchers like a mere computer glitch, no different than a super market checkout machine that records an incorrect price for lettuce. It seemed that way, at least, until reports came in from all around the country about other electronic vote flipping. In Youngstown, Ohio, it went on all day without the machines being fixed.

Was a rash of faulty computers to blame? Possibly. Except that almost without exception, every switched vote went in the same direction…from Kerry to Bush.


Ohio: "I think the exit polls are the smoking gun"

He's says things are going smoothly, then he says this.

"I think the exit polls are the smoking gun," he said. "I don't know how it was done. But statistically they couldn't have been that far off."

Whiddon, now a church treasurer in Pennsylvania, is the Green Party's Southeast Ohio Regional Coordinator for the presidential recount.

"The Diebold systems are terrifying," he said, and leave Ohio wide open for statewide fraud. "It is clear, it is absolutely clear and technically possible, that if you have the intent, if you have the money, if you have the technical expertise, and if you have the time, these systems can be hacked."

Though that does not guarantee fraud, he said, it does mean leave a door open for fraud.

"If I were a citizen of Ohio, I would be demonstrating in the streets," Whiddon said.



But what you are hoping for you already have: concrete evidence that our election system did not function honestly. You have the exit polls, you have the 10 hour lines, you have the fact that so many Dems were forced to cast provisionals, you have the statistical analysis done by Berkley of the Florida voting, and the reality that 40 million people voted on paperless e-voting machines, most of which were made by a man committed to delivering the election to Bush..

More articles and information:

A mainstream media voice and an ES&S whistleblower

Cannonfire has found some interesting leads:

Many of you are wondering: Where are the investigative reporters looking into the possibility of vote fraud? Why is the mainstream media ignoring the precarious state of democracy?



VALIDITY OF OHIO VOTE. The following resolution is in the process
of adoption by the three certified electors of the state of
Vermont. It is expected to be released to the public on Monday.
The full text follows:

- Resolution -
WHEREAS our democracy depends on fair elections; and
WHEREAS troubling questions have been raised about the
integrity of Ohio's 2004 presidential election by many members of
Congress; and
WHEREAS the Ohio vote was marred by significant
irregularities, discrepancies, anomalies and other problems as
disclosed by US Representative John Conyers, and a number of
members of the House Judiciary Committee and elsewhere in the
Congress, and
WHEREAS the Government Accounting Office is undertaking a
systematic and comprehensive review of election irregularities in
Ohio, Florida, New Mexico and certain other states, the Congress
having received about 57,000 complaints about voting machine
breakdowns, inaccuracies, intimidation, suppression and other and
similar violations of voter rights, and
WHEREAS unequal and discriminatory voter access and
treatment, as may have occurred in Ohio and elsewhere, violate
the Equal Protection guarantee of the Constitution's Fourteenth
Amendment and would call into question the validity of Elector
certification from Ohio and certain other states under the
Electoral Count Act (3 USC S5) and the teachings of Bush v. Gore,
and as a result the Congress could decide that Elector votes from
Ohio and certain other states were not "regularly given" by
properly certified Electors under the Act (3 USC S15), and
WHEREAS the Congress could determine the validity of
Electoral college votes from Ohio and certain other states
following receipt by the Senate President of Objections from at
least one member of the house and one member of the Senate, and
WHEREAS as citizens and Electors, we are committed to fair
elections and equal voting rights for all,
THEREFORE IT IS RESOLVED that that Senators Jeffords and
Leahy and Representative Sanders (1) give due and sufficient
consideration to the results of the ongoing investigation of
voting irregularities in Ohio's 2004 presidential election; (2)
support the GAO's inquiry into and review of thousands of reports
of systemic and other 2004 voting and election deficiencies; (3)
sponsor or otherwise support legislation (a) mandating paper
records, trails, or backups for all absentee ballots under the
Help America Vote Act (HAVA), (b) uniform rules for the issuance
and tabulation of provisional and absentee ballots under the Help
America Vote Act (HAVA), and (c) sufficient funding for full and
fair implementation of HAVA; and (4) if warranted by evidence of
widespread violations of voter constitutional rights in the 2004
election in Ohio and certain other states, as now appears, under
3 U.S.C S15 on the ground that such Electoral certifications are
invalid and that, as a result, these Electoral votes were not
regularly given by qualified, legal elections.''


Election 2004: Smooth or Shameful?



Badnarik Feels the Libertarian Squeeze

No one is safe.

The decision by 2004 Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik to play a leading role in the Ohio presidential recount is causing a bubbling controversy within the Libertarian Party itself as many members ask why Badnarik embarked on a venture that will cost taxpayers money without changing the outcome of the election.

Once again, the bogus "tax payer cost" line. Let's see, we're giving up millions to private companies, loyal to the Bush administration(who have been fined for VOTING SECURITY), to count our votes. Who cares who wins, who cares who votes, why even vote? We can just let the machines do it for us! Cuckooo-Cuckoo

Both supporters and opponents of the suit agree that Libertarians have good reason to be suspicious of Ohio election officials. In November 2003, Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell used a technicality to throw out more than 60,000 ballot access petition signatures collected by the Ohio LP, a ruling that left Libertarians stunned and angry.

Specifically, Blackwell said the petition forms were illegal because a space had been added for signers to put their last names, and because a sentence about the legal penalty for falsification was slightly different from the state's mandatory language.

Ohio Libertarians point out that Republican Party officials have made a concerted effort to keep Libertarians off the ballot to protect GOP candidates, and note that Blackwell also chaired the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio. The state LP had spent two years and about $50,000 collecting the signatures, which would have let all candidates appear on the ballot with a partisan label, including Badnarik. As a result, Badnarik had to appear on the Ohio ballot as an "other party" candidate.

At the time, Ballot Access News publisher Richard Winger said the decision proves that Ohio officials are "hostile" to third parties.

"Ohio's action in disqualifying a petition with over 60,000 names, just because the format and wording are slightly different from the approved form is unheard of in other states," he said.

Barbara Goushaw-Collins, co-director of the Badnarik campaign, says the track record of Ohio elections officials, combined with the voting irregularities reported after the election, is sufficient to justify a recount.

"The major complaint is that we're doing this because we don't like Republicans -- which is flat-out silly," she said. "Our job as Libertarians is to challenge government power. This is a state where they arbitrarily pitched tens of thousands of our petitions, and we're the only ones trying to keep the system honest.

"This recount action is perfectly consistent with who we are and what we do. If not us, who? If not now, when?"


MN Elector Votes For Edwards

In a state that Kerry won, an elector votes for Edwards.

From December 13th:

St. Paul (AP) An unknown Minnesota Democrat earned a footnote in history Monday by casting one of the state's 10 Electoral College votes for John Edwards, the Democratic vice presidential running mate for John Kerry.

The Edwards vote apparently gives Minnesota its first ever "faithless elector," the dubious name for Electoral College members who snub the candidate who won the state's popular vote in the general election. Kerry, who beat President Bush in Minnesota but lost overall, wound up with nine of the state's electoral votes.

No one claimed credit for the Edwards vote. Several electors said they suspected that someone unconsciously mixed up the two Johns on the ticket rather than purposefully made a political statement.

"If it was meant to be a protest-type vote I would be upfront and say `This is how I voted,' said elector Frank Simon of Chaska. "It doesn't seem like anyone is coming forth to say that."

Added elector Michael Meuers of Bemidji: "I'm certainly glad that the Electoral College is not separated by one vote."

Bush is due to receive 286 electoral votes; Kerry was slated to get 252, but the Minnesota vote will reduce that total. It takes 270 votes to win the presidency.

Electors around the country meet in state capitols on the same day to vote. Democrats made up the Minnesota slate because Kerry received 1,445,014 votes to Bush's 1,346,695 in November.

Minnesota's voting began shortly after noon. Electors wrote their candidate's name on an 81/2-inch-by-11-inch sheet of paper and put the ballots in a pine box. Once all votes were in, Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer and an aide pulled them out, counted them and announced the total. A tally sheet was sent to Congress, which announces nationwide totals in January.

It may never be known who cast the Edwards ballot. The ballots aren't signed.

In response to public information requests, Kiffmeyer's office released copies of the ballots along with other documents bearing signatures of the electors. Some electors had distinguishable handwriting, but comparisons involving the Edwards ballot were inconclusive.

Kiffmeyer, a Republican, said she was shocked to see the Edwards vote when counting the ballots. She also thought that it was in error.

"It just shows the humanness of the process," she said. Even if an elector came forward to admit a mistake, it is too late to change the ballot, she said.

Edwards received all 10 Minnesota votes for vice president in a separate round of balloting.

In October, The Associated Press contacted electors and was able to reach all 10 Republicans and eight of 10 on the Democratic roster. All said they would unequivocally support their party's candidate if called on to vote.

Minnesota is not among the states where political parties require their electors to take formal pledges that they'll back the ticket. In some states, electors can be hit with fines and misdemeanor charges for bucking the popular vote.

Faithless electors are rare. The last case resembling the Minnesota balloting was in 1988, when West Virginia elector voted for Democratic vice presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen over presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. She then backed Dukakis for vice president.

The Web site of the nonprofit Center for Voting and Democracy, which documents faithless electors in history, doesn't show any previous incidents involving Minnesota electors. Neither did several other Web sites on the topic.


More result shifts?

Note on Vote Total Changes: The presidential vote totals as of December 13 are lower than they were previously, for Nader, Badnarik and the Socialist Workers Party. This is because the official New York results (newly released) show lower vote totals for those three candidates, than the unofficial totals announced on election night. However, both Kerry and Bush went up in New York.


Votergate Links Added

More Links added to the sidebar:

The VOTERGATE Resource Center - MiaMedia

Stolen - This Far and No Further

Election Fraud 2004 - 3,000 LINKS

Researchers Call Electronic Voting System Flawed

Remember when...from July 25, 2003:

The electronic voting system believed to be developed by Diebold has serious weaknesses that could lead to election fraud, according to computer researchers at The Johns Hopkins University and Rice University. The researchers claim the system could "easily" allow someone to cast multiple votes in the same election.


And also reporting the recent $2.6 Million dollar fine.

Diebold to Settle with California


Tom Feeney - In his own words.

Florida is a national leader in election reform. Much of the credit goes to state legislators who helped position Florida to make the necessary changes in the state's voting processes and technologies. That commitment has paid off, despite the criticisms and insults from partisan leaders who are ill-informed and have made every attempt to derail voter confidence and undermine our entire elections process.

As time goes on, I expect that Florida will continue to improve its voting systems and processes -- particularly as technology continues to evolve. But the argument that printers should be attached to touch-screen voting machines in the counties that use them is unrealistic as of today. Such companion technology does not currently exist, and in all likelihood will not exist by the November election.


Vote Fraud: Only Chumps and Compulsive Gamblers Keep On Playing in a Rigged Game

As the Bush Machine rolls on -- through Orwellian "Patriot" Acts, Intelligence "Reforms" and "Clear Skies" Initiatives, adding treason to treason, felony to felony, unconstitutional domestic acts to violations of international law, "crimes against all humankind" to crimes against the biosphere; as it authorizes torture, domestic surveillance, and terms the Geneva Convention "quaint" -- progressive pundits waffle on with exhortations to hopefulness, ideological mea culpas, adjurations to linguistic reframing, advocating emulations of the right, and statistical analyses based on flawed polling and fraudulent vote counts, I find myself wondering: How long are these people going to keep on playing in a rigged game?

The grassroots democratic drama of the 21st century is unfolding in Ohio
(not to mention New Mexico, Nevada, and oh yes, the Ukraine), blacked out
by the same pusillanimous establishment media that went along with alleged
Iraqi WMDs and al qaeda links; blacked out the CIA's role in bringing crack
cocaine to the country's ghettos (and apparently drove rare honest
journalist Gary Webb to an alleged "two-shot suicide"); and ignored by the
flaccid, complicit and supine DNC, Kerry/Edwards camp and Congress. They're
all acting exactly like the collusive wife in an abusive relationship.

The progressive strategists and operatives prattle on about the "White
Elephant" of the "race factor" in the 2004 election (duh!), but no one
seems to notice the gaggle of 500-pound gorillas sitting in the corner of
the national living room. Please, look at the data, citizens. The
election was stolen -- just like in 2000, 2002 and so many more before.
The system is rigged. Don't get over it; get with it! You can't win in a
rigged game. Stop playing. Change the game.

As that great American political sage, W. C. Fields put it, "There comes a
time when we must seize the bull firmly by the tail and stare the situation
squarely in the face." There's not enough space here to do more than
summarize the growing mountain of evidence that supports the rigged game
conclusion. The historic Conyers Committee is piling it up as we speak.
It's easy to find. If you haven't already, google "vote fraud," citizen.
Read it and weep. The incriminating facts are readily available all over
the internet and the "alternative media."

Please, don't be like my friend, a staunch Kerry volunteer, who hasn't
looked at the Ohio story because he reads the New York Times, watches the
News Hour and dismisses all contrary data a priroi as the delusions of the
"chattering class," "paranoid conspiracy theorists" and "whining losers."
The fact is, he doesn't want to know. His whole political paradigm would
fall apart like it did when he found out there's no Santa Claus.

But, to grasp the bull - even timorously - by the tail: the Voting
Integrity Project ( ) points to ten factors that must
lead any fair person to question the "official" tally and insist upon an
objective recount:

1. Systematic, Widespread Voting Machine Irregularities
2. Highly Irregular Intervention by Federal Authorities
3. Impossible Vote Totals ( Some with a 1-in-250,000 chance of being
accurate, according to expert statisticians! )
4. Openly Partisan Election Officials
5. Openly Partisan and Untrustworthy Vendors of Election Machinery
6. Unexplained Exit Poll Disparities ( Exit polls were correct where there
was a paper trail and incorrect (+5% for Bush) where there was no paper
trail. )
7. Unreliable and Inadequate Numbers of Voting Equipment in Poor and
Working Class (non-Republican) Areas
8. Anomalous and Atypical Voting Pattern Changes from 2000 to 2004
9. Uncounted Ballots, Double Un-matching Sets of Tally Tapes and
Uncooperative Officials in Many Areas
10. Widespread Illegal Voter Suppression Activities

Susan Truitt, of the Citizens Alliance for Secure Election ( ), one of the plaintiffs in one of the several
suits being brought in Ohio to challenge the tally, has stated that, with
just the verified irregularities and violations her organization has
documented, the election plainly goes to Kerry. The 20 Ohio Electors who
voted for Bush did so with zero legitimacy and a second Bush term based on
their vote will be equally illegitimate. Think about that for a minute.
If this is not a constitutional crisis, I don't know what is.

All power to Badnarik and Cobb and Arnebeck and Truitt and Fitrakis and
Bonifaz and Conyers and Waters and Jackson and Curtis and Harris and all
those brave citizens contesting the highly dubious tally in Ohio, Florida
and elsewhere. With a judiciary stacked against them all the way to the
same Supreme Court that perpetrated the first Bush coup in 2000, their
chances of successfully litigating and reversing the outcome, having it
recognized by the judiciary, the Congress, the corporate media - not to
mention the Bush regime itself - will be a political accomplishment of
miraculous proportions and will no doubt require a Ukraine-scale turnout of
the citizenry to make it stick. May it be so!

However, failing a successful judicial, political, congressional and
popular revolt, we are dealing, for the indefinite future, with a fascist,
theocratic police state - and I use the terms precisely, not rhetorically.
("Fascism should more properly be called "corporatism,' since it is the
marriage of government and corporate power," said Mussolini, who ought to
know.) Making Howard Dean head of the DNC and commissioning George Lakoff
to "reframe" the party's "message" and PR material would be a necessary,
but hardly sufficient response.

A political system more crooked than a Las Vegas casino cannot qualify as a
"democracy," much less as the "leader of the free world." And those who
continue to play in it look to me like conscious or unconscious colluders,
or just plain chumps. Until you accurately diagnose and acknowledge the
disease, you cannot even begin to cure it.

And the disease we're dealing with - as originally diagnosed by that astute
political physician Swami Beyondananda - is "Electile Dysfunction"
complicated by advancing "Truth Decay."

The beginning of the cure, (necessary, but not sufficient), as prescribed
by political healers, like the ladies of Code Pink and other groups, is
enactment of a Voters' Bill of Rights: to wit:

1. Provide a Voter Verified Paper Trail for Touch-Screen Voting Machines
2. Create Independent, Non-Partisan and Transparent Oversight
3. Celebrate Our Democracy: Election Day as a National Holiday!
4. Maximize Voter Access
5. Count Every Vote!
6. Re-enfranchise Ex-Felons
7. Implement Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)
8. Provide Public Financing for Elections and Equal Air-Time
9. Ensure Third Party Candidates Easier Access to the Ballot and Debates
10. Abolish the Electoral College
( Sign on at: )

My simple point is this - until a majority of progressive activists and
intellectual opinion-makers drop the delusions and cop to the fact that we
are playing in a game intentionally and adroitly rigged against us, we will
not win, we will not govern, we will not be prepared to govern, because we
will not deserve to govern. Good losers -- like John "Quick Concession"
Kerry and the "professional losers" of the DNC -- will predictably go on
losing. Just like the chain-smoking, gin-sipping, polyester-clad grandma
pumping endless quarters into the slot machine.

"I don't have that much time here in Washington," Bush told a White House
"economic summit" the other day. If this really is a nation of laws, he
should have a lot less time than he thinks. ( Yes, citizens. We must dare
to think such thoughts, if we are to be worthy of Jefferson, Franklin and
Paine. )

There's a "Block Bush Constitutional Insurrection" rally and demo being
organized by from 10am - 4pm, January 6, at Upper Senate
Park, Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. when the electoral college vote is
delivered to Congress. The Ohio recount will be done by then. We should
have learned enough from the lawsuits and investigations to know the truth.
Got democracy? See you there.

( For more info on the Block Bush, a Constitutional Insurrection on
January 6, 2005: and on January 20th. Methinks Coronation
Day is too late to protest.)


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